Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Soft, Kissable Lips

I hate chapped and dry lips – it is one of my biggest pet peeves and it isn’t very pretty either. And since we’re getting into the colder months, our lips are much more prone to drying and cracking. So follow these few easy steps to get smoother and fuller lips!

My favorite product to use to get smoother lips is the Lip Scrub by Lush. This comes in a few different flavors (Bubble Gum, Sweet Lips, Mint Julips, and Popcorn). This is a sugar type formulation that you just scrub all over your lips like an exfoliant. You don’t need to wash it off – you can just lick it off your lips (it tastes soooo good!) Afterwards, your lips are silky smooth!

If your lips are extremely dry, you can always use a wet washcloth and scrub your lips with that. The texture of the washcloth helps to remove dead cracked skin.

My number one product that I use EVERY night is Vaseline. I have multiple jars of it next to my bed and a small jar in my purse. At night I load it on my lips. It may feel a little strange and goopy but your lips will feel AMAZING in the morning! (My favorite is the Lavender & Chamomile scent – it’s very calming at nighttime!)

Finally, if you want plumper lips (without the injections) simply take a toothbrush and rub it on your lips. This will increase the blood circulation to your lips, making them look fuller! You can also apply a lip plumper! My favorite are the Lip Plumpers by Lola. These lip glosses make your lips tingle and come in beautifully pigmented colors!


  1. I love lush lipscrubs too!! Especially popcorn!!!

  2. I really want to try the Lush lip scrubs - I keep seeing them everywhere on blogs. The flavours sound really yummy :)