Monday, October 8, 2012

Bat Those Lashes!

I believe that one of the most feminine things to have is long and voluminous eyelashes. Whether they’re real or fake, beautiful eyelashes give further dimension to your eyes, make you look more awake, and just give you that extra oomph to make you feel beautiful. I have played around with many different mascaras and techniques and have finally found the most perfect mascara routine that gives long and thick eyelashes that lasts all day (some people have even asked if I’m wearing fake eyelashes -- hah!)

Many people only put mascara on one side of their lashes. The front of your lashes should be the primary place to put mascara, however, if you want to coat every single lash you need to put mascara on the back of your lashes as well (and if you get mascara on your lid, just take a Q-Tip and wipe it off!) This technique also makes your lashes look much longer as well as holding your eyelashes up all day.

Another thing I found is that you shouldn’t use only ONE mascara. Different mascaras do different things – some make lashes look longer, some make lashes look thicker, and some are for separating lashes. So why not use all three to get the most beautiful lashes possible?

The first mascara I use is Rimmel London’s Lash Accelerator. This mascara is AMAZING and super inexpensive. The Lash Accelerator really helps to lengthen and separate your lashes. The second mascara I use is Lancôme’s L’Extreme mascara in Waterproof (the waterproof works MUCH better than the regular). This mascara is my holy grail and I will NEVER EVER be without it! It makes your eyelashes look so incredibly long and absolutely perfect. If I were to recommend a mascara to anyone, this would be it! Finally I plump up my lashes with L’Oreal’s Extra Volume Collagen Hydra Collagen Plumping Mascara (that was a mouthful!) This mascara has such a big brush and incredible formula that it makes your eyelashes look extra full and thick.

So, if you want long, voluminous eyelashes, try out this mascara routine! It has worked for me for years! Also, if you have any mascara recommendations, leave a comment below :)


  1. Thanks for the tip! I have never tried using multiple mascaras at one time, but I will next time :)

  2. I've never tried those but I will give them a shot in the future! I have been loving the L'Oreal False Fiber Voluminous mascara(the one with extending fibers) and I recommend it :) And I haven't tried coating the back of my lashes, might try that tomorrow

    Stay pretty xo

  3. great post~! ^^ looking forward to your upcoming ones~!