Sunday, September 30, 2012

Is DD Cream next?

We’ve all heard of BB cream at this point – that amazing makeup that acts as a moisturizer, anti-aging treatment, SPF and has an amazing sheer coverage. This miracle cream also helps even your skin tone, treats acne and brightens your skin. I have tried BB creams from Garnier, Maybelline and Smashbox and I’ve been quite pleased with all three.

I had heard about BB cream years and years ago before it was even in the United States, back when it was only in Asia. Now I’m waiting for a new product called CC Cream. Yes, they actually made a CC Cream! This cream is like an amped up BB Cream – it has all of the same benefits but just more powerful. It also has a fuller coverage so it acts a little more like a foundation. Moreover, it can be used as a primer if you want a complete full coverage face!

This wonder cream is in Korea now and is slowly making its way to the states. Chanel and some other high end brands has a CC Cream that is still only available in Asia (not for long though!) Sometime this October Olay will come out with its own CC Cream! I will most definitely be picking up some of Olay’s CC Cream right when it comes out!

Do you think CC Cream will be that much better than BB Cream?? I can’t wait to find out :) 


  1. lovely post, thanks for sharing. Lov'in ur blog :D **Come visit my blog and if you want we can follow each other via GFC! **

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  2. OMG I need to try that Chanel CC cream... hope it'll come to the US soon!! I still have yet to try BB cream.

    Followed you back my dear. :) Keep in touch!

    xo - Sheila

  3. lol to your title! I tried BB creams and they didn't provide enough coverage for me, so yeah, this whole CC cream could be great for me! Have you tried the L'Oreal BB cream, I kind of liked that one!

    Following you now, cute blog :) My sister and I started a blog and we're doing a giveaway, hope you get a chance to stop by and enter!

    Stay pretty xo