Friday, September 21, 2012

Leather on leather on PLeather!

Everywhere you look, leather is on one person or another (and when I say leather I’m referencing real leather, faux leather, liquid leather, or any type of leather form you can imagine). Whether that is liquid leather leggings, a leather bomber jacket, leather booties, or even leather-like nail polish, it can always make an appearance in an outfit some way or another.

My personal favorite is leather pants (have you seen Kim Kardashian lately?!). They scream edgy and sexy but can be dressed down with a simple baggy sweater and moto boots. Leather pants are also a great way to dress up a simple peplum top and pair it with a chunky necklace – a simple outfit that can make such a statement this fall!

However, you can never go wrong with a leather bomber jacket. Throw it on over a floral sundress and you’re good to go! Since we are getting into the colder months though, a floral sundress will most likely be out of the question. So how about pairing the leather jacket with some jeans, a plain white t-shirt and a scarf. To others it will look as if you had taken a little bit of time to put this look together when in reality you just wanted a simple yet stylish look.

If you’re obsessed with leather, like myself, then you will have multiple leather pieces in your wardrobe: pants, tops, jackets, shoes, accessories, etc. How can you choose which leather piece to wear that day? The great thing is, you don’t have to choose JUST one. Layering leather this fall is definitely on trend (and will keep you warmer too!)

Check out these maroon leather J Brand pants from Bloomingdales:
Or a less-expensive alternative from Forever 21:

What leather pieces do you plan on wearing this fall??