Monday, September 24, 2012

Making the Switch!

Since it’s starting to get chilly (at least it is here in the Midwest) it’s that time to purge your closet and switch it from spring/summer to fall/winter! I just completed this little project of my own and, let me just say, my closet seems a hundred times fuller than before (chunky sweaters and puffy jackets take up a lot more room than tank tops!) Switching out your closets takes only about an hour or two and can really get you into the fall spirit! Plus, it makes it that much easier to find outfits for that particular season (no more digging through trunks of clothes hidden in the back of your closet!)

So, what is the best way to switch out your closets? What do you keep and what do you stow away? It’s simple! First thing to do is go through your closet and make three piles: summer clothes you DEFINITELY won’t wear again until it gets warm, clothes you’re not quite sure if you want to put away yet, and a giveaway pile. Keep the clothes that you will wear this season hanging in your closet.

Next, take your winter clothes out of storage and hang them up! Once you figure out how much extra room there is in your closet you can start going through the pile you’re not sure of. Remember: fall/winter is the perfect time for layering clothes: tanks & cardigans, denim button downs & sweaters. If there is anything you could possibly layer this season, hang that on up in your closet too! Once you’ve gone through this pile you can start folding the summer clothes pile into storage and give the third pile to a consignment store (Plato’s Closet) or donation store (Goodwill).

Now picking out an outfit for chilly days is that much simpler since your warm pieces are all in one place! Just take a small portion out of your day and switch out your sundresses for your fur vests.

You’ll be thankful you did!

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