Thursday, September 20, 2012

Welcome Message :)

Now, what on earth do coffee and stilettos have in common? Well, to be honest, absolutely nothing. So why did I name this blog “Coffee in Stilettos?!” (other than the fact that I love both J) – I decided on this name because it mixes a simplistic staple in everyday life (coffee) with a little bit of glamour (stilettos). This blog will consist of a plethora of articles consisting of fashion advice, current trends, shopping hauls, favorite makeup looks/products, beauty tutorials, and everyday life interests such as recipes and home decorating.

I can’t live without my morning coffee, and if you can’t either, then fill up your favorite leopard print coffee mug, throw on a pair of your most prized Louboutins (or just stay in fluffy slippers) and get entranced in the world of fashion, beauty and everyday lifestyle.

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