Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bagel Heads...WHAT?!?

I was just watching E! News and, let me tell you, what I just saw was a little disturbing. I’m all for piercings and tattoos; whatever you want to do to your body or put on your body, I won’t be one to judge. However, the newest ‘body art’ in Japan has me a little freaked. The new trend is called “bagel heads.” Now you’re probably thinking ‘what does that even mean?!’ It is EXACTLY how it sounds. 

People’s heads are now being hooked to an IV and a circle swells up on the forehead. The process takes about 2 hours. Once it is done, a finger is put into the center of the swelling to create the look of an actual bagel. I don’t know about you but this process sounds pretty dangerous to me… THANK THE LORD this only lasts from 16-24 hours because when I first heard about this I thought the bagel was permanent! Still….FREAKY!!

Tell me what you think about this new trend – would you ever try it??? Do you think it'll make it over to the United States anytime soon?! (I hope not!)


  1. ooook! What the hell is going on ?! people are crazy!!!!! Very nice blog and great post. So, i'm going to follow you ok? would you like to follow me back ? :D you'll make very happy ;)

  2. OMG what the hell... What I want to know is how they even come up with this stuff?! Crazy.

  3. Hello dear,
    what!?? soo weird...
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