Thursday, September 27, 2012

Metallic Cap Toe/Haute Look

I love all the trends for this season: spikes, leather, lace….but one style that has recently stood out to me is metallic cap-toe shoes! At first I didn’t even think that they’d be considered a big trend but whenever I go to the city or go into stores for my job, I see them EVERYWHERE! Metallic cap-toes are such an easy way to dress up some simple flats or a pair of black pumps. This new trend also gives an edgier and more fashion forward vibe to any pair of shoes. Here are some of my favorite (low-end and high-end) metallic cap-toe shoes:

(1. Lulu’s $29.00; 2. ShoeDazzle $39.95; 3. Vince Camuto $149.00; 4. Tory Burch $265.00; 5. Alice + Olivia $465.00)

If you don’t own a pair of these I seriously advise you go get some! They can make any simple t-shirt and jeans look much trendier!

On a side note: I just made my first purchase from Haute Look (the BEST flash sale site I’ve ever found!) I been shopping on this site for months now but I finally made an actual purchase (a pair of Kelsi shearling booties!) They sell so many different products: men, women, children, shoes, accessories, booties, home decor… you name it! The products range from high-to-low end and, the BEST part, is the prices are up to 75% off!

You have to go check out this site if you haven’t already! I can’t wait to get my booties in the mail! (

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