Wednesday, February 6, 2013

5 Must Have Brushes!

Now let me just say, if you don't have good makeup brushes, your makeup application just won't be nearly as good as it could be. Good brushes can completely transform your makeup - making it look more natural, more blended, more flawless and are just easier to use. I love buying and trying new brushes. You, by no means, need to have a huge collection of brushes (like I do :p), but here are my top 5 must have makeup brushes for beautiful and flawless makeup!

1. Kabuki brush for foundation
Having a great foundation brush is the absolute number 1 brush everyone should own! There are so     many different foundation brushes (stippling, , or even your fingers!) but the brushes that I feel work the best with blending your foundation are kabuki brushes. My favorite is the Sigma F84!

2. Fluffy Brush
Fluffy brushes are very versatile. They can be used for powders, bronzers, color matching your face to neck, etc. I usually use mine to color match as well as to set my foundation with a powder. The key is to find a super soft one - like my favorite, the Real Techniques Powder Brush!

3. Contour brush
Contour brushes can also be versatile. I love being able to change the shape of my face with a simple sweep of matte bronzer and some blush right above it. I use a contour brush to create this look. My favorite is the Sedona Lace FB05!

4. Basic Flat Shadow Brush
This brush is kind of a staple to have if you use eyeshadow. These brushes are perfect for putting on an all over lid color as well as adding a highlight to your brow bone! My favorite is E.L.F's Eye Shadow Brush! By the way, this brush is only $1!!!

5. Crease Brush
Being able to define your eye crease is another one of my favorite makeup techniques. I do this every single day (even if it's the only eye shadow I put on)! It gives your eyes a much more awakened look, adds a little bit of color and gives more shape to your eyes. My favorite is the Urban Decay Crease Brush! (this brush comes with the Naked 2 Palette too!)


  1. those brushes are great! i personally love the flat eyeshadow brush and the crease brush..
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  2. I recently got a haul of ELF brushes so I've been testing those out. But I definitely need to expand more into brushes.

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